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Artist Statement | Alvitr (Strange Creature)

Today, my partner and I installed the dress, helm, and process art I created for Embodied: Contemporary Takes on the Dress at the Gadsden Museum of Art. I genuinely enjoyed the experience and look forward to celebrating with everyone again at the opening reception. This post documents my work as it stands alone. I had a quick, easy install and couldn't resist getting some photos before the other 12 dresses joined the conversation. Keep reading to view the work and accompanying artist statement (in italics).

A dress made of crochet lace and found objects stands in an empty gallery. A helm made of found objects is suspended over the dress with thin filament.
Alvitr and Helm, standing alone in the gallery.

Alvitr (Strange Creature) is a layered A-line gown that tells the story of a contemporary Valkyrie through modular garments and found objects. The bodice is a flurry of crocheted cotton snowflakes that swirl around the torso and down the arms, wrapped in a

translucent outer layer of vintage metallic fabric. Embellished spandex wraps delicately around the hips, revealing additional layers of faux fur, recycled lace, and rose-embossed velvet draped dramatically to the floor. A belt of hand-painted leather sits at the