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Social Practice

Art with purpose.

Hearts to Hands Kickoff

Hearts to Hands (2017)

Community Action Installation

The Hearts to Hands community action installation took place in fall and winter of 2017. Community members donated supplies to support First Stop, a homeless outreach organization in Huntsville, AL. Colorful collection points were installed in front of participating local businesses. Sit-and-stitch events were also held to create hats, gloves, etc. Over $5,000 worth of coats, personal supplies, and equipment were collected over the course of the installation.

Boob Tubes (2015)

Community Action Installation

Fill the Boob Tubes took place in Summer of 2015 to benefit Knitted Knockers. Bi-weekly sit-and-stitch events and individual community donations resulted in 30+ pairs of handmade prosthetic breasts. All breast prosthetics were donated to the Clinic for Women at Huntsville Hospital to benefit mastectomy patients. 

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